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Jul 31, 2019

To show our appreciation for having the best month of downloads since the show started we decided to give you guys a fun peek behind the curtain. This was from the outtakes from the latest episode of TODS. Josh wanted to laugh apparently and noone had a good cold open. I think this somewhat explains why we record about 1 hour of content every week but it takes us at least 4 hours.


If you enjoy the goofy nonsense that are our outtakes you can get more over at our Patreon. For just $4 a month you get access to all our outtakes and we will be adding more every week (we have a lot of outtakes to go through) And if you are really wanting to support the show you can become a Patron at the $8 a month schedule where you will get access to all the extra content and some official PDS swag.


Again thank you soooo much for being a listener and remember "There's Always More To Discover"