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Feb 27, 2020

This week on the PDS we dig in to Proof! a show produced by America's Test Kitchen. Each week they explore a food related subject and reveal the history and detail behind it.

This weeks discussion : Proof! - Prepping For the Worst , What Weird Things did the Presidents Eat?

Next weeks recommendation : 1619 - The Birth...

Feb 14, 2020

This week on the PDS we talk about The Moth an amazing story telling podcast.

This weeks discussion : The Moth Radio Hour - War, Barbie Dream House, Coco, and a Nekkid Man

Next weeks recommendation : Proof - Prepping For The Worst & What Weird Things Did Presidents Eat


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Feb 5, 2020

Welcome to season 4 of The other Discovery Show or TODS as we like to call it. This is the bonus show to the Podcast Discovery Show. On TODS we talk about all the other things we discovered throughout the week that are not podcasts. If you have a discovery that you would like to have on the show then call the new...