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Jul 30, 2019

This week we talk about an amazing true crime podcast that most of you have probably heard about Crime Junkie. Ashley Flowers and her co-host Brit dig deep into different true crimes and discuss them each week. The particular episode we are reviewing is the Austin yogurt shop killer episode. 4 young girls are brutally murdered while working at a yogurt shop, who did it? Who are the suspects? What was the motive? Give crime junkie a listen and you will learn more about the case. And if you want to see pictures of where the crime happened and pictures of both the victims and the suspects click on the link for their show they have a lot of valuable information waiting for you. Don't forget to look us up on Twitter and Facebook so you can say hi and tell us what you have discovered. If you love our show head over to Patreon and get some awesome exclusive content as well as some show swag.




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